For parents who love to learn

Whether you’re a reader or prefer movies, getting through a stack of parenting books can be difficult when you’re expecting or have kids to run after. We totally understand! 

Our mission is to create bite sized parenting book summaries and discussions that help to encourage, support and educate parents from all different perspectives. 

Each week we’ll bring you an episode split into two sections:

1. Book summary – basically the Sparknotes version of the book for all of those parents that WISHED they had the time to read

2. A big, juicy chat about the themes and concepts explored in the book, do they actually work? Epic fails and shining wins from our own journeys included, plus some amazing collabs.

Meet Your Hosts

Emily is mum to 2 busy boys, and is not the confrontational type; she believes all you need is love (name that song).
Emily enjoys a go-go-go life full of adventure, laughter and family memories. She studied Writing and Media in University with a Masters in Marketing. Emily has continued these interests as a working mum and balances them with raising a loving, sometimes dysfunctional, family. 



Tully is mum to 2 sweet girls, and loves the opportunity to share her opinion very directly and bluntly (when asked). 

Tully studied Psychology and Naturopathy in university, and carries on this passion for holistic health, mindset, and the way humans work into her parenting journey.



What People Say

“It’s a great dynamic of how different you guys are. its good to have such diversity. I really enjoy it, especially how you guys disagree.”
Maria Gee
Mum & Business Owner
“I love the balance between you both, and that you're coming from different perspectives!”
Alex Grey
Expecting Mum
“I love hearing Tully talk about parenting, probably strange, but it’s so interesting. We’ve found that we don’t really “fit” into any parenting labels, but that’s why I’m always interested when you speak about parenting.”
Kristy Lee
Mum of 3
“I've always meant to read the parenting books but I've just never gotten around to it. It's great that you've made the info in the books so accessible.”
Richard Wilt
Dad of 2
“I’m seriously so psyched for this! I always want my partner to read the parenting books but he never has time. I’m definitely making him listen to this podcast. ”
Bethany Smith
New Mum
“Absolutely love the podcast ladies! Such a great idea to help educate mamas and parents out there who never have time.”
Mila Jackson
New Mum